Friday, April 29, 2011

Bento Box Friday x 2

I have gotten Samantha hooked on bentos. She loves coming over and will spend quite a while looking at different bentos online that other people have made. Every time she is over here, we spend some time looking at different blogs dedicated to bentos. Mine are normally pretty plain comparatively speaking. She keeps telling me to keep practicing and one day mine can look like some of the ones she has seen. I saw this adorable bento on Happy Little Bento last week and I knew Samantha would love it. I usually make her a sushi roll of some sort when I make her lunch because her mom and sister don't care for it very much. The top tier has the sushi rolls and some extra shrimp along with some ladybugs made with grape tomatoes and nori. he bottom tier is a fruit salad with strawberries, cantaloupe, and pineapple and some extra tomatoes, cucumbers and mushrooms. She also had some dip for her vegetables.

My nephew Jacob loves wraps, especially mine for some reason. I am not sure why he thinks mine are so special, they are pretty basic, but that is what he always requests when I bring him lunch. This one is a whole wheat tortilla with a little cream cheese, some spinach and turkey. I added some carrots and cucumber slices. The top tier is the same fruit salad that is in Samantha's along with some celery stuffed with homemade peanut butter.

Speaking of bento sites I regularly read, Adventures in Bentomaking, is sponsoring a contest to win a rice cooker. As we have been eating healthier and I have been cooking from scratch more and more, rice has been making more of an appearance on my menus. I have been looking at rice cookers for a while and would love the chance to win one. If you would too, go and check out the review of the one she did!

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