Friday, May 6, 2011

Cheese Crackers

Kip and I both LOVE cheese crackers. But since I am trying to learn how to make a lot of the products that I used to buy I went on an internet search for a homemade version. WOW!! These were amazingly good and will be made many, many more times in my kitchen. Not too often though because they are absolutely addicting and they didn't last very long around the house. I rolled some out thin and they were very crispy and delicious and some I rolled out a little thinker and they were delicious too. For snacking on, I loved the crispier ones but I think the thicker ones would be great to serve with homemade tomato soup.

It was funny Samantha was over here on the day I was making them. She loved them too and has stopped asking why am I making instead of buying things. Her answer is always "it tastes better to make your own". When her mom arrived to pick her up she ran to the kitchen and came back with one hand full of crackers and the other hand had one cracker. She offered the one cracker to her mom to taste and kept the rest for herself!

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