Saturday, April 16, 2011

Homemade Crackers

I keep looking for ways to replace a lot of the processed foods that we eat around the house. My Dad and I were talking a while back about a restaurant that we used to eat at that would serve fresh crackers as an appetizer while you were waiting on your food. Ever since that conversation, I have been thinking about how delicious they were. I had some free time one afternoon last week and decided to look for a recipe. I found several but this one for whole wheat crackers seemed to the be easiest. You can season them however you want, to keep them simple I just sprinkled some sea salt on top. How were they? In a word, DELICIOUS! I was impressed and so was Kip. We ended up eating them with some hummus that I had made earlier. These will definitely be made again in my house! They weren't that hard to make and the seasoning possibilities are endless. I am imagining these with some rosemary seasoning with fresh tomato soup, or some caraway and an Indian inspired dish. You were supposed to cut them into squares before baking but I left them whole and broke them apart after they were done because that is the way that I remember that restaurant serving them.

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