Friday, April 22, 2011

New Foods

One thing I am loving about my new way of eating is discovering new foods or at least new ways of using those foods. I love marinated artichokes, but I have always bought them in those little glass jars and I have never had or cooked a fresh artichoke. A couple of friends and I were shopping at Whole Foods on Monday and they were working on the artichoke display. The gentleman that was working there was kind enough to tell me how to cook them so I grabbed a couple. Wow, those were really good! On Tuesdays, Samantha comes over after her dance class and eats dinner with me. She loves to try new foods and likes to eat here because, according to her, "the food here is more exciting". She had eaten one once before but she had to share it. I told her I made her one that was just for her. that was one happy girl! She ate the entire thing. they were pretty good. I made a dipping sauce with some lite mayo, some dill and some cracked pepper. Pretty tasty!

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