Friday, January 28, 2011


I have been thinking of switching from regular cow milk to another product. Kip and I were talking the other night and somehow we got on the topic of buying and using raw milk. Neither of us were sure what the benefits vs. the cons would be. And if you know me at all, that means as soon as I can get my fingers on something I am going to look it up. So I did some reading on the subject and then some more reading on milk in general. It was pretty interesting and it reminded me that I had been thinking about switching. Not sure which route I will end up going with; soy, almond, rice or coconut or even sticking with the milk that I currently drink. I bought some almond milk a week or so but it has just been sitting there. I did finish off the milk that I had on hand before wanting to try it. I had some on my cereal this morning and was surprised that I liked it as much as I did. I think I can do that. I will probably still try the other kinds and then pick a favorite from there. 

I am trying to not throw away everything in the pantry and fridge/freezer as I am eliminating processed foods. The main reason is that I can't really justify to myself throwing away the money that I spent buying it in the first place. There isn't that much left and I will add it to a meal here and there just to use it up. But is one of them shows up in a meal it will typically be the only processed thing on the menu that night.

Anyone else drink a milk alternative?

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