Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In

Mondays are my weigh in day for several reasons. Because it's Monday and isn't that the day you start all diet related goals?? Seriously though, having that Monday weigh-in does help keep me on track for the weekend. I know that I don't want to blow an entire week of work on two days of eating so that is a motivation. Another reason is I am logging my food and calories using the Lose It! app on my phone and it resets each week on Monday too. I have learned logging everything really works for me and having something that calculated my calories for me as I go is even better. No chances of adding wrong and accidently over eating or anything like that. Having the app on my phone means my food log is also always with me so it is easier to log everything, I am not forgetting foods like I probably would if I waited and added it all at the end of the day. 

So what's the verdict, how did I do? Drumroll please....I lost 4.8 lbs last week. I am very pleased with that number. I did start the healthy eating and exercise both last week. Because remember, my goal is to be healthy and healthy people gets regular exercise. I want to start establishing that habit as soon as possible.

I live in Tennessee and we don't get a lot of snow. When even flurries are in the weather forecast everyone makes a mad dash to the store to buy milk and bread. We were supposed to get snow last night (and we did) and more through the day and tomorrow too. Mondays are my regular grocery day and I braved all those shoppers last night to make sure I had plenty of fresh food so that I could stick with my eating plan!

One of our other resolutions we are working together this year is bringing back the Sunday Dinner in our lives. We plan to have Sunday Dinner at our house on a regular basis, sometimes alone and sometimes inviting others into our home. We are doing this for several reasons, one of which is that we tend to eat out on Sundays and we are cutting way back on that. The most important reason is that if I make it, I know exactly what is in it. Plus I decided I could make enough food to feed the both of us plus several other people for the same or less than we could buy dinner for two at a sit down restaurant, especially if you add in $2.00 drinks and a tip. Sundays I will not be following my plan as closely but still plan to make wise choices and watch portion sizes. I don't think I will be recording my Sunday meals here (they are logged in my food plan though and calories counted). Yesterday we invited Kip's entire family over to eat with us. It was nice. Normally we do more buffet style, everyone fixing a plate and then eating at the table. Kip decided to put all the food on the table and we passed it around family style. As the food was going around, I thought it was like eating "sunday dinner" with the Waltons or something. 

I am comfortable cooking for large groups and can just as easily cook for 25 as I can two. I have tons of beautiful serving dishes that do not get enough use. I also enjoy cooking for large groups. In our quest to simplify more, I decided having friends into our home more often would make me happy and Kip agreed. One thing I did not do yesterday that I plan on doing more is using my china. We were having chili yesterday and I used the regular dishes mainly because of the size of the bowls. Not everything matched and that was okay because we had a good meal and a great time of fellowship with family. And when it comes down to it, that was what was important and the only thing that mattered. Sunday Dinner at the Lindsay house?Mission accomplished.

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