Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How's it going?

Did you make those New year's resolutions, or set some goals for yourself? If so, how it going? My main focus is to get healthy, not just lose weight or see some magic number on the scale. I am trying to get healthy. I am not on some crazy diet, I am making sure that I eat healthy foods and reasonable portions of that food. We are now on day 3 and I have pretty much stuck to that decision and have started exercising too. This is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: leftover lo mein noodles (ok, not a good choice, but I overslept!)
Snack: Light Laughing Cow Cheese with multi-grain Wasa crackers
Lunch: BBQ Lentils and rice
Dinner: Pork Stir Fry with Ginger (small strips of pork stir fried with lots of fresh veggies) and rice.

For exercise, I did some walking, some yoga and some arm exercises using weights. 

I know I feel better when I eat better and exercise. Yoga especially helps me control my back pain a little better too. 

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