Friday, February 4, 2011

Bento Box Friday

When I first started trying to incorporate healthier foods in my diet, I was doing a Google search for healthy lunches and found all these cool Bento boxes. I started looking at them more and more and even got Samantha kind of hooked on them. I have made her several but mine aren't nearly as decorative as the ones she has been seeing online. She keeps telling me to practice and one day mine will look that good too. You have got to love the faith that an eight year old can have in you! I finally ordered her an actual bento box and also ordered some of the decorative picks and things that we have seen with so many of these boxes. She didn't know that I had ordered them so it was a surprise when I showed up at school for lunch today. I pulled it out of the bag and she knew exactly what it was as soon as she saw it. She said she couldn't believe she had a real bento box. Too cute! Any way, our lunch was a whole wheat pasta salad with chicken and some tomatoes and cucumbers, a salad with some tomato "balloons" and some ranch dressing for dipping and then the top tier was some Pepper Jack cheese and pepperoni kabobs and some orange slices. Since this one had some actual decorative touches I got a thumbs up for creativity as well as the selection of foods I brought her. I only took a picture of hers since it looked so much nicer in her bento box than mine looked.

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