Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Dinner

This was our third week of "Sunday Dinner" and the second week that we invited people over to eat with us. I wish I had taken a picture of the table. I pulled out the china and then each place setting had their own napkin and napkin ring. It looked cute. I cooked Chicken Pot Pie, mashed potatoes, home made rolls and an apple/avocado salad. It was pretty good. Not as healthy as I have been eating, but that was in the plan. I invited my friends L & C and I knew when I invited them that I would have to make a pot pie. C tells everyone that I make the best chicken pot pie in the world. I did use a commercial pie crust and the potatoes were instant. I am slowly phasing out all the prepared stuff but in the interest of not throwing away food (and money), I am trying to use what is in the pantry. I am replacing them with more whole food and more basic options. 

Friday night I made BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was my first attempt to make a whole wheat crust. I was pretty happy with the result. The recipe said that it would make 2 thin or one thick crust. Normally when I use my large baking stone, I use the full recipe and it is kind of a medium thickness. This one was a little thicker than what we like, so the next time I make it I will only use half of it. Oh, but it was delicious!

I have some beans cooking in the crock pot for tomorrow nights dinner. I am going to make refried beans and attempt to make tortillas. That should be an adventure! The beans are a healthier version and aren't actually refried and don't have a lot of the calories that commercial beans have. Tomorrow is weigh in day!

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