Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekly Weigh in 1/24

Better this week, I lost 2.0 pounds. Still following my eating plan pretty closely and slowly adding in more and more real foods and eliminating artificial ones. I went grocery shopping yesterday and it took ma even longer than usual because in addition to price comparison I read every label of every product I put in the cart. Some things I don't know if I will be able to completely stop buying. Like crackers. I know those can be made, but I think that is a project for later after I have mastered a few other items. Last night for dinner we had refried beans, tortillas, corn and then the usual fixings for tacos. The refried beans were made from dried beans and cooked in the crock pot over night and weren't actually refried so they had no lard or oil in them. The salsa was made and canned by my Dad from items grown in his garden. For the first time, I attempted to make my own tortillas. For a first time thing they weren't bad. They were too thick though, next time I will know to roll them out thinner. I found a new recipe for ranch dressing so I am making that to go with dinner tonight. It is interesting all the things I used to buy, I have started looking at differently. I am leaning there is a recipe for everything on the internet!

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 6 month check up on my blood pressure. It is staying in the normal range on medication. I really want to get to the point that I no longer need it though. We are also trying a higher dose of the medication I take for my back, increasing it by 25 mg. Hopefully that will give me even more relief. As it is, I can tell a difference. It does not take away the pain or really diminish it that much. What it does do is keep me at my base pain level for a longer period of time and allow me a longer period of time of functioning. Keeping my fingers crossed for more pain relief too!

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