Monday, March 24, 2014


Last year was my first time ever making sauerkraut and I am hooked. It was so good and really easy to make. We love it on hot dogs or cooked and served with sausage. I took advantage of the sales last week for St. Patrick's Day. I wish I had a fermenting crock, one day I hope to have one, but for now I use a gallon glass jar.

I couldn't remember for sure how many heads of cabbage I would need to fill my jar, I knew it would be  either four or five, so I bought five heads of cabbage, washed it and pulled off the outer green leaves, saving them for later.

I cut the cabbage into pieces that would fit in the hopper of my new shredder attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer (thanks Mom and Dad!***).

After it was all chopped I packed it into my gallon jar, adding a little kosher salt as I layered.

After the cabbage reached the bottom rim of my jar, I took a couple of the those outer green leaves I saved and covered the surface of the cabbage and then added the ramekin to act as a little weight. Te jar will be moved to a cool, dark place, with a towel under it to ferment. I will check it every couple of days to make watch for the bubbles that show that it is "working" and to remove and of the "bloom" that appears on the surface. Do make sure you put that towel under it because when it gets to the point it is bubbling a lot, it might overflow. 

How do you know it is finished? In the words of my friend that taught me how to make sauerkraut "It is done when it tastes like sauerkraut"!

***I love kitchen tools. Love them, all of them. I am totally the woman who's husband can give her a food processor for Christmas and it's the perfect gift. The first gift Kip ever gave me was a kitchen tool. My Mom and Dad always give me a gift card for Christmas so that I can pick out what I need or want. I used my last gift card to purchase the Slicer/Shredder attachment. I have used it a couple of times now and so far I really like it! This next Christmas I am hoping my Dad picks out some Beekeeping Supplies for me (hint, hint, hint, since  he reads my blog!).

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