Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bountiful Basket

Here is my Bountiful Basket Share this week and how I plan to use each item:

***Pineapple, bananas, pears and part of the strawberries will be eaten as a part of breakfast or lunch.
***Celery will be chopped and frozen until I need it to make stock again.
***Baby Bok Choy will be added to a stir fry.
***Lettuce will be on sandwiches and part of a salad.
***Some of the red peppers and tomatoes will be served on fajita night, the rest will end up in a salad or sandwiches.
***Potatoes will be baked for steak night and will also be added to a roast I will be making.
***Lemons will end up in drinks, but I will wash them good, zest them and dry the zest to use in cooking and baking. I love lemons!
***Mushrooms will be in a Chicken Lasagna dish I will be making on my food prep day to go in the freezer.

I try to make a plan for the veggies and fruits I receive as soon as I get home with them. That helps make sure that everything gets used and nothing goes bad.

I usually don't buy the add-ons unless it is something that I can either can or dehydrate because it does end up being a little too much food for us. This past week they offered a Tropical Pack and I knew that the people on the "A Week" schedule had dragon fruit in their tropical packs. They aren't always exactly the same, but I decided to order it hoping that my "B Week" box would have it too. No disappointment, because it was in there!

Here is how I will use these items:

***Pineapple, dragonruit and mango will be eaten as is.
***The plantain will be lightly fried into a chip and served with hummus.
***Vanilla beans will be used in baking probably. Might make some ice cream with them too.
***The mint and some of the coconut will be used to make extracts. The rest of the coconut will be eaten as a snack. I might experiment with drying a little bit of it.
****The ginger will probably end up in the same stir fry as the bok choy.
***We have two flavors of dessert wraps, I am working on those!
***Tropical Granola is already almost gone! I knew it was in the pack, but I don't usually buy granola, I make my own. I opened the bag to sample it and oh my goodness, that stuff is amazing. I have been eating it out of the bag, but some will end up on ice cream and oatmeal--if there is any left.

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