Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bountiful Baskets and Chicken Stock

This is what was in my Bountiful Basket last week. In addition to the regular basket pictures, I had one add-on order of bread. Everything was really good, but those oranges were just amazing! Here is what I did with my produce this week:

Fruit-I try and eat fruit with breakfast and lunch every day so that was eaten as is. We had oranges, orcoblanco (a type of grapefruit) pears, apples, and Asian pears.
Kale-went into a pot of soup
Jicama- was diced and served in a salad
Cauliflower- I just cut that up and eat it raw. Kip isn't a huge fan of it, so I rarely cook it and eating it raw is my favorite way to eat it.
Asparagus-I just steam asparagus most of the time. I also like it cooked on the grill or pickled.
Spaghetti squash- I will be cooking this ans serving with a tomato based sauce. To be honest, a lot of these winter squashes are kind of new to me so I end up looking for a recipe online.
Chili Peppers- One of these went into some soup and the rest I will let ripen until they are red, then I will dehydrate them and make them into a powder to be added to other recipes.
Celery- not something that I eat, but I do use it!

 I am sure if you know me personally you are probably laughing at those two bunches of celery sitting on my counter. I really, really don't like celery, I joke that it offends all my senses; I don't the way it smells, tastes, the texture or the way it sounds when you eat it! I do have one very important use for celery and that is when I am making stock. Those two bunches of celery, combined with carrots and onions and some chicken to make this beautiful, rich chicken stock.

There really is no comparison to homemade stock and what you find in the store. I have blood pressure issues and I can control how much sodium I add to my own stock. These jars of stock will find their way into many dishes that I routinely make here at home.

Have a great day!

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