Friday, March 28, 2014

Food Memories

I am sure if you are at all like me, you have strong memories associated with food and preparing food. I absolutely love cooking and sharing food with other people. 

Cooking soothes me; chopping and cooking from scratch have a calming effect for me, after a rough day, it is stress relieving.

Cooking, trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen helps fulfill my need to be creative.

Cooking comes easy to me. A man a know, Mr. Charles, always told me that every one of us has this little flame inside of us, and when we use those talents to benefit others, that little flame grows and grows and the bigger that flame gets, the happier and content we become. I can and have cooked for 1 person up to groups of 200. It is all fun for me. 

Cooking also connects me to so many people, some are still with me and some are not. But those memories tied to food and cooking are all happy memories.

I never make Chicken and Dumplings without thinking of my Granny.

Making pancakes and omelettes make me think of my Dad.

Canning make me think of parents, grandparents and great grandmother.

Mixing up a batch of jalapeno cornbread brings Allyson to mind.

Banana Pudding reminds me of my Mamaw.

When I make chicken pot pie I think of my friend Mr. Charles, he always raves about mine, and in the past when he introduces me to people, he tells them about my chicken pot pie.

Fudge and peanut butter cookies remind me of my Mom.

There are so many happy memories that come to mind when I cook. 

What cooking memories do you have?

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