Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One Box, Two Boxes, Three Boxes!

I decided I needed to add another couple of raised beds for this year's gardening. I want to add an herb garden and have room from some flowers to attract bees. 

These are very simple boxes, I bought two 8' cedar boards and had Lowe's cut them in half. When I got them home, I just screwed them together.

At first I was only going to add one, but I decided I really needed two, because I like symmetry. Another box means that I will be growing even more of our food and hopefully reducing the grocery bill even more.

Both of these boxes are 4' x 4', I took the photo at a weird angle so one looks smaller than the other, but they are the same. You can also see my new manual mower there, I wanted to make sure that the mower could get between them.

And here you can see how the boxes are placed in the yard. We have a patio right outside the door, then there is a small strip before you get to the big box. Kip built the big box for my birthday last year and then my Dad added the fence that I use as a trellis for my beans, peas and cucumbers.

In the back along the fence you can see my compost bin, To the left of this area I have raspberry bushes and blueberry bushes.

I have to say, I am really happy with the way my back yard is coming along. I have a places to grow food to eat, and flowers for beauty, I have bird feeders because I find them so relaxing, I have a grill to cook on and a table to sit at. I love to sit out there in the mornings with a cup of coffee. The only things missing are a chicken coop and a bee hive!

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