Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Soap Class

I have had this fascination of soap making for a long time. I have done several versions of the melt and pour variety, but really wanted to learn to do the lye based soaps. I have watched videos and read many manuals, but I really wanted to watch someone do it. Since lye is caustic and can potentially hurt me, I wanted to learn from someone that I could ask questions as I was going.

There is a new artists's center tht has recently opened near me and I noticed that they had a Primitive Soap Making class planned. Perfect! It was a great class, the instructor talked about the history of soap and soap making in addition to the process of making our soap. That made my inner nerd very happy since I have to know why and how something works.

Here is my soap poured into my mold after it had hardened:

And my block of soap after I peeled away the paper mold:

And my soap sliced and ready to dry:

We just made a basic lye soap, not adding any color or fragrance. Great class and I can't wait until they offer an advanced class.


  1. You will love your homemade soap! I used to make it many years ago. I went a little crazy and started making it and selling it at craft fairs. My family hated that I had several scented soaps drying at one time. Talk about sensory overload! LOL They really liked the Milk/Oatmeal soap the best!

  2. Lye soap is great!!! If you get into poisen ivy or sumac - wash with the lye soap immediately and you wont have the usual reaction. Love the stuff, I would love to go to that class!! Janet G.


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