Friday, April 11, 2014

Brussel Sprouts

I like Brussel  Sprouts. My husband doesn't care for them all that much. He will eat a couple of I make them, but I don't make them all that often since he doesn't like them. A few weeks ago we got some at the Bountiful Basket pickup so I went searching for a new recipe. The Food Network came to the recipe as they often do! I found this recipe from Sunny Anderson. I followed the recipe, with the following changes; I used a three peppercorn bacon, used an entire onion and I cooked the onions for about 10 minutes before adding the sprouts. By the time they were done the onions had started to caramelize a little.

I ended up with this dish:

And oh my, were they good! We both liked them and we both had seconds!

I know bacon makes everything better, but these exceeded my expectations!

I am fortunate that I have a husband that likes a huge variety of foods and he will try everything.  I do try new things all the time, some with better success than others, but he is a great sport about it. 

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