Friday, April 4, 2014

Really Can't Eat Just One of These!

In my quest for eating a real food diet, I decided I didn't have to give up eating everything that I like. I just  had to give up the overly processed versions. Basically, if I can cook it in my kitchen, I can eat it. I have since learned to make many of the things that I buy in bags and boxes.

I really like potato chips. Homemade chips are just amazing and very simple.

Potatoes, oil and seasoning.

Potatoes are sliced very thin using the slicer attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer. I have also done these on a mandolin slicer, but the one I have currently doesn't get them quite thin enough. 

Potatoes are dropped into hot oil to simmer and bubble. I usually watch them pretty closely and remove them when the are golden brown.

I know some brands of potato chips on the market only have the same ingredients that I used, but then I have an entire bag of chips to eat. When I make them at home, I only make the amount that we will eat for dinner that night because they really are addictive.

My favorite way to eat them is at this point, when they are good and brown but before they burn. Yum!!

You can season them any way you want, these were seasoned with just seasoning salt, but you can a dd whatever seasonings you are in the mood for or happen to have on hand.

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