Monday, May 30, 2011

The Mental Journey

I am coming to realize how much of the journey is dependent on my mental image of myself. If you will remember, back in September I wrote a post entitled "30 Things I Wish You Knew About My Invisible Illness". It was an impulsive thing that I did but it has literally changed my life. It was after that post that I started to realize my own strength. Having always seen myself as weak and broken, this was a startling revelation for me. I am still trying to process all that this means and am trying to incorporate this new reality into my every day life and more importantly, into my way of thinking. But it is hard not to go back to the negative ways of thinking. I still can't do everything that I would like to do but I am becoming more willing to at least try instead of giving up before even starting.

Learning that I am strong enough has helped me start exercising again. That knowledge has given me the strength to continue on this weight loss journey without giving up because "I just can't".

Here is an exciting development: I am now officially down 10% from my starting weight. I see my doctor every six months for med checks and she told me at the last visit that she would love to see me down 10% at my next visit. I have already met that challenge and I don't go back until August. Now I am working on losing 10% of my current weight.

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  1. Gina,

    You are very strong and you are doing so well on your weight loss journey. Ray and I both noticed how great you looked at work today. Your haircut is nice and your makeup looked beautful. I mentioned to Angela that your skin looked like a China doll. Keep up the awesome work.

    also....... who knew that bowling used so many muscles.



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