Monday, June 30, 2014

This Week's Basket and Meal Plan

This is what was in my basket this week. No add-ons t his week, I knew I would be going out of town so I didn't want to have too much and take a risk on losing some of it. Our baskets also had some bananas but I traded mine with someone so that I got extra limes.

My plan for everything else:

Lettuce-salads and sandwiches
Celery-freeze for making stock later
Corn--Skillet Corn (as a side dish to Spicy Honey Chicken)
Tomatoes- sandwiches, salad, sliced to top Caprese Chicken
Mangos--Mango Smoothie and Mango-Chili freezer pops
Asparagus-Steamed and served with Rosemary Garlic Salmon
Potatoes-- cheesey mashed potatoes served with the Caprese Chicken
Limes--will be zested and juiced to make limeade and cut up to add to glasses of water
Nectarines and plums will be eaten as snacks

It is an abbreviated menu since I will be traveling to my Mom and Dad's. Mom will begin her chemo next week and we would appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts.

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