Monday, June 3, 2013

Blueberry Days

Once a year Whole Foods has a one day only sale on organic California blueberries. It is a good enough sale to make me drive to one of the most congested places in Nashville. I love shopping over there, but there is never a good time for traffic in that area. Fortunately these sales happen on Fridays which happens to be a day off of work for me. 

I purchased two cases of berries, which is 24 pints. Most all of my blueberries that I will eat this year will come from these two cases. If you have looked here before, you have seen pictures of my blueberry bushes. This is the first year that they have produced any fruit, and while I have a bunch of clusters of berries there will be enough to snack on, but not enough to preserve in any way. I can't wait to snack on them though. Something about growing them myself makes it so much sweeter.

I had already decided what recipes I wanted to make this year. For some reason last year, I made way to much blueberry jam so I was set there. I did however want to try making a blueberry lime jam. I made a batch of that and blueberry syrup, blueberry butter and several jars of blueberry pie filling. I also have four pints of berries that I froze to be added into muffins, pancakes, yogurt or whatever recipe I happen to come across.

Oh yeah. and blueberries will stain your counters!

I also found raspberries on sale and as soon as I finish them, I will do a post with my jars of raspberries.

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