Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grocery Shopping, etc.

I did something a little different this week when I was shopping. I used Shortcuts electronic coupons to linked directly to my Kroger card. Actually I have linked them before and then forgot so I am not sure if I saved anything or not. This week as I registered them I added them to my grocery list, including the quantity that I would need to purchase to get the discount. That helped and I was able to use them. You are able to added the products you use and I think new ones come out on a  weekly basis. After I used them I received an email telling me my total savings amounts. There were several products that I added to my card that I ended up not using though because they were not on sale. 

I am becoming more efficient at making my meal plans and using what we have on hand. It takes a little time to sit down and get it all in writing but it does make the rest of the week less stressful. I try and prep the next days lunches and snacks while I am making dinner. Having that written meal plan really helps then too. Preparing dinner and getting ready for the next day at the same time is a time save too, I am only in the kitchen once and I only have to clean up once too.

So we have been using the homemade detergent for almost a month now. Our clothes are clean and they smell fresh (but without the perfumy smell of commercial detergent). After I see how many batches I can make out of the boxes of washing soda and borax, I will do a post about the cost per batch/load.

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