Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am working on a new system for coupons. Not sure how much I like it yet, I haven't been to the store with it yet. I know it takes me longer to sort my coupons but I am hoping that there will be a noticeable difference in the time at the grocery store. We'll see!

The last trip to the grocery store I saved $28.30 in coupons and with the Kroger plus savings I had a bill of $189 and ended up paying $111.00. I am getting better!


  1. Hey Gina, I saw your comment on my blog. Thanks - I do love Riley! I see you are losing weight. What are you doing? (at work and don't have time to read all your posts right now!) I started WW a week ago and am doing well but can always use more support! Talk to you soon I hope!

  2. woohoo! fabulous! i'm a big couponer too! do you have any sites to share? i love southernsavers and lots of helpful hints form them....i saved over $100 this week between kroger and publix


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