Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Golden Mushroom Soup

One of my favorite ready to eat soups from a can is Golden Mushroom. I like the versatility of it; it is great eaten as a soup out of the can, makes a great simmer sauce for pork chops or chicken and works as a gravy on potatoes. As I have transitioned to eating less and less prepared foods to foods that I cook and/or can myself, I have missed that soup. 

One day I was reading one of the canning pages I follow on Facebook and there was a discussion about cream soups and someone mentioned finding a recipe for  Golden Mushroom Soup. I think I heard harps and the day became brighter so I new I had to make this and make it soon.

I started with the following ingredients:

Yummy, look at al those mushrooms!

My final product:

I am so happy to have this soup again. I couldn't wait to try it and compare it to the taste I had been missing. I pulled out a couple of pork chops, poured the soup over them and baked them slow until they were fork tender. Oh my goodness, was this soup good! I am no longer missing the stuff from the can. 

Rating the recipe: The first time I make a recipe, I tend to follow the recipe pretty much and if it is a canning recipe, I follow the directions for safety reasons. I made this recipe exactly as it was written and it is perfect as is. It does have the same taste as the can, but there is an additional layer of flavor that is missing from the can. I will definitely keep this on hand now. I found the recipe for this soup on the Chickens in the Road blog, a great blog to read and tons of recipes to try!

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