Friday, September 13, 2013

CSA Basket

The CSA season is still growing strong here, but I know it will be ending in the coming weeks and that makes me a little sad, I have enjoyed chatting with the other people at the pick up and of course have enjoyed eating all this yummy and super fresh food. Changing CSAs this year was a great decision for me, and I will continue with this farm next year. 

This week's box contained tomatoes, lettuce, okra, onion, green beans, squash, potatoes, a cantaloupe and for the first time, some apples. 

As far as my own gardening, I still  have some green beans growing on one of my plants, the others are done I think. I picked a HUGE bowl of cherry tomatoes the other day. Those plants really did well this year. I have several more green ones so I should have tomatoes over the next couple of weeks. 

Since Kip built my raised bed for my birthday, I have been able to grow more things here in my yard. I have really enjoyed watching everything grow too. My garden bed is at the end of my patio where I have a table and some chairs. I enjoy sitting out there in the mornings, enjoying a cup of coffee, looking at the changes in my plants and watching the birds fly in and out at the bird feeders.

I am going to get the bed cleaned out as soon as everything is done and I will be planting some cooler weather crops in the next week or so. After those are harvested, I am not sure if I will plant a cover crop or if I will be "trench composting" to prepare it for next season. Both are doable in a raised bed, but I haven't decided which method I will be using.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Gina. I hope you and Kip are doing well. Killer Blog! Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas!



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