Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Garlic Shrimp Po' Boys

I am always looking at new cookbooks, and used to buy them all the time. After a while I ran out of room and pared down my collection. I kept the ones that I have bought on vacations, all the ones that once belonged to my grandmother, and several others that I just really liked. I don't buy them very often anymore unless they are geared more to a specific interest. 

I have been reading a blog called Lunch Box Blues for quite some time. It is written by a father (J.M. Hirsch) and is about the lunches that he packs for his son. I started reading it when I was packing lunches a lot more often. I usually use dinner leftovers for lunches but don't really care to eat the exact same thing for several meals. Unless it is soup, I can eat soup three meals a day until it is gone. The blog is the same, he starts his son's lunches with last night's dinner, but often changes it around some so it doesn't feel like the exact same meal. 

Recently he released a book called Beating the Lunch Box Blues that I decided met all my criteria for adding a new cookbook to my shelf. There was a promotion that f you pre-ordered the book, you would also receive one of his other cookbooks. 

This recipe is from that book.

I started with the Broccoli Slaw mixture. I have never eaten broccoli slaw before, but I loved it and will be buying it more often, I really liked the crunch.

All I can say about this slaw is YUM!

The recipe called for half a pepper. When I went to the store, the pepper selection was nonexistent. Normally there are several baskets to choose from a variety of different types. That day there were two or three lonely, small, red jalapeno peppers.

Final dinner plate:

How was it? Pretty good. I would have liked to use the pepper that the recipe called for and I wish the one I bought hadn't been so wimpy, it barely had any flavor at all. Other than the tasteless pepper the flavor was great and it was a pretty quick recipe to get on the table. A better pepper would have added just the right touch of heat and flavor. I will make it again, and make sure I have a good pepper. We both loved the slaw topping. It's a keeper.

Here is more about the High Flavor Low Labor cookbook. I have now tried three or four recipes from this book and it is staying on my shelf. One of the recipes I made was the one pictured on the cover and oh, my goodness, that was fabulous! 

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