Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Bento Style Lunch

I am having so much fun with these lunches! I went to school last week and had lunch with Samantha and my niece and nephew. All three had requested a bento lunch this week. I included turkey wraps made with while wheat tortillas, spinach leaves and swiss cheese with some extra pepper jack cheese cut into fall shapes, some cut up imitation crab sticks, "salad" made with broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms and sugar peas and a fruit cup of orange slices, raspberries, blackberries and grapes. It looks like a ton of food, and there is a lot of variety but the overall quantity isn't too much. 

I survived Thanksgiving! I wasn't watching what I ate too carefully, but I did notice that I didn't eat as much as I have in years past. Don't get me wrong, I was full and ate more than I eat on a daily basis, but in years past I would have probably eaten until I was almost to the point of misery. I did stop well before that point. I am watching what I eat most of the time but I am still planning to enjoy the holidays. 

I have been doing a little yoga lately. Not the full tape or a workout yet, mainly just some stretches. I have put on a few pounds that I have lost over the past couple of weeks, and I am working on taking that back off. I am not giving up though, I am liking the way I am feeling and I LOVE having more energy.

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