Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starting the Journey

"Failing to plan, is planning to fail"

     My husband and I have decided it is time to start being healthier people. About this time last year, we started following the Biggest Loser Diet plan. We both saw some great progress with this plan. We both lost some weight, we were feeling better, we both needed new clothes, and we both saw some improvement in our health. At one point, we were even able to go on a hike that nature trail that wasn't the easiest trail. But then life got a little crazy and we stopped. One is the biggest problems with this plan was the fact that it, like any other healthy eating plan requires preplanning. You have to plan you meals, plan the snacks and plan to go to the store. But, like the quote above, we know that by not planning and having healthy foods in the house has led to us grabbing something quick and that often involved eating out in restaurants.
     We have decided that tomorrow begins out new journey. We have missed the foods we ate on the Biggest Loser eating plan. We miss the energy that we had. Kip did manage to keep most of his weight off but I did not. I miss wearing those smaller jeans! We have committed to each other to go back on the Biggest Loser eating plan and are using the book The Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start. There are several reasons we chose this eating plan over all the others that are out there. First of all, we saw success when we followed it before. The foods were good, nutritious, we weren't hungry all the time, and it is already laid out and all we have to do it follow it. Another thing I likes was there weren't any weird food rules, you know, like you can only eat broccoli--standing on one foot--while balancing on stairs--wearing high heels. This book has each of the thirty days broken down with the food, recipes, exercise all right there together so that takes a lot of the planning off of us which will hopefully allow us to be more successful.
     Weight loss is a goal, but our primary focus is going to be on becoming healthier and feeling better. I know for myself, since I deal with chronic back pain from post-surgical scoliosis that if I carry less weight and exercise regularly that I can control my pain better.  
      Hopefully I can get Kip to contribute here occasionally too! Check back to see our progress on our journey to being healthier.

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