Friday, February 13, 2015

Pizza Night

We really like pizza in our house and since it is one of the few things that will deliver where we live, on occasion, we will order out. The last time we did though, it was kind of expensive and really not that good***. And Kip and I like very different toppings on our pizzas.

I make different types of pizzas and rotate them through my meal plan but sometimes I like to just make the crust, pull out a jar of my pizza sauce and a bunch of toppings and we can just make whatever we want.

It helped that I had already chopped up a bunch of veggies for an omelette, so prep time was even quicker. Individual pizzas are a great way to use up small amounts of leftovers too. We were both happy with our own pizza and Kip didn't have to pick the tomatoes off his pizza and I didn't have to take off the olives and peppers. Other than making the crust and letting it rise, it was quicker than delivery and cheaper and tastier too.

***One of the great pluses to trying to give up eating out and saving money is that I have learned I can make replicas of most of our favorite restaurant foods now. Since I can make them cheaper than a night out, we are saving money. The only negative is that homemade foods taste better so eating out has kind of lost the appeal and if we do go out, I am a little disappointed. A girl needs a break from the kitchen on occasion! The plus side of that is we are not spending our eating out budget so it accumulates and we can afford to splurge for nicer meals out.  

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