Monday, May 5, 2014

This Week's Bountiful Basket

Saturday was my Bountiful Basket pick up day. I missed the last one due to being out of town so I was even more excited to see this week's basket. As always, I was happy with my selection of produce. 

Here is what I will do with each item in my basket:

Lettuce: salads and on sandwiches
Asparagus: One bunch will be steamed and eaten as a side dish and the other will be in a stir fry
Bananas, watermelon, and grapefruit: will be eaten as is
Mangoes: will probably go in smoothies or I might attempt a sorbet
Zucchini: will go in a stir fry
Corn: will be grilled, which is my favorite way to eat corn on the cob
Green onions: will go in a pot of hot and sour soup and in the stir fry
Purple Potatoes: will be roasted with a little olive oil and sea salt
Endive: Not sure on this yet, several people at the pick up site mentioned roasting this as well, I might give that a go
Radishes: I am not a huge fan or radishes, but I saw someone on one of the cooking shows that had pickled radishes; I think I will attempt to do that

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