Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some Easter Photos

 I thought I would share a couple of pictures take over Easter weekend. I ended up hosting Easter this year, which I absolutely love doing. I wish we had a slightly bigger dining room, but we make do. Since we are a little close around the table, I always serve the food buffet style which allows me to decorate the center of the table. I decided to go bright this year! I have lots of mix and match things that I can combine in different ways to have different centerpieces when I have people over. 

My everyday dishes are white and my china is also white with a platinum ring around the edge. I love table linens and the white dishes allow me to be a little more creative with my linens and centerpieces. I tend to buy napkins and napkin rings on sale or on clearance (well, really almost everything!) and I can buy whatever strike's my fancy instead of worrying about what matches my dishes. 

I have a small kitchen and if too many people are in there at one time, someone's toes will be stepped on, so I set up a table with appetizers out of the way of the kitchen. See I am a little crazy with all the white dishes! I absolutely love these smaller "tasting" dishes since they offer a little taste without ruining anyone's appetite. The cups on the left have some homemade ranch dressing in the bottom of the cup and then some chopped up veggies. The spoons on the right have a black olive, a green olive and a marinated mozzarella ball.

I forgot to take a picture of the actual food I cooked though!

 Saturday afternoon was spent dying Easter eggs. I have been dying eggs with Jenna and Samantha since I have known them, it is just part of our Easter tradition now. They still seem to have fun decorating their eggs and posing for photos.

It is serious work to make sure each egg is perfect!

 These were some of the ones without drawing and things on them.

I hope you had a great Easter too!

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  1. Hello Gina! I love the appetizer "set up".The food looks healthy, yummy and classy!Have a great weekend Lin, Lin!



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