Monday, August 15, 2011

Back from Vacation

We had a nice long weekend trip to Indianapolis and just returned. It was an interesting time trying to incorporate my new healthier lifestyle choices while on the road. I did preplan some meals and snacks. While that meant that I had to take a long a cooler of food it did help me stay on track. Normally during the 5 hour car trip we make a couple of stops at convenience stores for snacks and drinks and bathroom breaks. I had packed snacks for both of us so we were good there. What I found really interesting was that even though we both had healthier snacks with us neither of us even snacked that much. I had made a bag of trail mix and we both ate some and then Kip said he was full and asked me to move the bag so he wouldn't be just mindlessly snacking. I realized I was satisfied too so I put the bag away. I always read in the car so in the past I would do lots and lots of mindless eating.

I also took along my toaster and some bread and yogurt for our breakfasts. I know the hotel where we stay has breakfast available, and even though there is usually "wheat" bread to make toast, I didn't know if it would be whole wheat or not. Plus I know that I have a huge weakness for breakfast pastries and I knew they would be there too. Since we ate in the room it gave us some extra lounging time and I wasn't tempted by the honey buns! Since we were on vacation, I did eat some nice dinners. Dinners that were above my normal calorie range but I didn't go crazy and just order with abandon either. I also didn't feel the need to eat everything on my plate either. I stopped when I was full.

We did do a lot of walking but I didn't not get in any solid exercise time. But that's okay. It was nice because I have built up my endurance and the walking that we did was pleasant. In the past that wasn't always something that I would have enjoyed doing very much of. I wasn't out of breath or even slowing down as we were walking. I know my body is stronger, and getting stronger as time goes by.

I did have a slight weight gain of 1.2 pounds. Honestly I was expecting that number to be a little higher just because I wasn't cooking most of my food so I couldn't control the extras like that amount of salt or butter. It's okay. I don't feel like I "failed" my healthy lifestyle change or anything. I had fun while we were gone.

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