Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 1 Complete

Well I did it without collapsing! Today was the last training day of my first week on the Couch to 5K program. I have been trying to exercise pretty consistently but adding in the jogging really pushed my endurance level. I completed it though and I feel really good about that. I feel like I have accomplished something. Not only in the fitness area, but proving to myself that I am strong enough to do it. If you have read this very often you know that learning that I am strong has been a recent development for me. It is amazing how different it feels. I am still trying to incorporate that into my daily thinking and actions.

Food wise I have been doing pretty good too. I have stuck with my planned meals and snacks and have stayed within my alloted calorie range each day. I only record my weight on Mondays but I have stepped on the scale a time or two and the number is slightly lower. Even better is that I am able to wear several shirts that I could not wear at the beginning of winter. Everyone keeps asking me if I have new clothes. The kind of sad part is, some of those shirts are brand new. I bought what I thought was my size and then came home and they didn't fit and I was too disgusted with myself to take them back. It feels GREAT to wear those shirts.

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  1. Oh you're doing couch to 5k, I've heard of that! I will now go check out THEIR web site! And frugal too . . . are we cutting back on crafting purchases? Another thing I need to do!


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