Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

I am a day late this week because we were out of town until late last night and I didn't have a chance to weigh until this morning. I am happy to report that I lost 2.2 lbs. this week. That gives me a total of 9.8 lbs since starting. I am extremely happy with that number since we have been out of town for the past two weekends. We spend yesterday in Gatlinburg and there  are just so many tempting foods there. I have to thank Kip for helping me stick with it too. I think if he hadn't been strong I would have given into too much temptation. We did have a few treats, but I think we really kept them in check.

I did pack some food for us. Last weekend, I packed a picnic and we stopped along the way and ate. That was the plan this time too and I packed what we need for our sandwiches. Well, except for the bread! We ended up stopping at a Subway and ate there instead. I do like to eat there and I can calculate exactly how many calories I am eating. Lots of places have the nutrition information online and I have been checking as much as I can before eating. I also have an app on my iPhone that is helping me keep up with calories. 

I really am just happy to see the numbers on the scale moving in this direction. Every little bit lets me know that I am doing the right thing for my body. 

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