Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Planning Tool

I have mentioned before that I find it so much easier to follow a healthy eating lifestyle if I take the time to plan my meals on a weekly basis. This is one of the tools I use. It is a dry erase board that has a large space and is labeled for each day of the week. I make a rough menu on paper in a spiral notebook and then transfer breakfast, lunches and snacks to this board. Sometimes I add dinner on there too. but since I normally have dinner started or done when Kip gets home, I don't always do that. I prepare almost all of our food and so this keeps Kip in the look about when he is supposed to eat the foods I planned. It also helps me as I am getting ready in the mornings because I can simply look at the list, grab what we are supposed to have and go. It also helps with the finances. Since everything is planned, I am not going through the grocery store grabbing random food, I do get too much produce and the part of it goes bad, and we aren't tempted to go out "because there is nothing for dinner". We do still eat out on occasion, but it is planned too and not just random or more convenient. This system works the best for us.

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