Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some success---finally

I had gotten so far off my healthy eating plan and got to the highest point my weight has ever gotten to before. After steeping off the scales that morning two weeks ago, I felt so bad about myself, so defeated that I had gotten and overwhelmed with how much weight I needed to lose. Later though, I realized that I could make the decision to continue on the path I am on and keep gaining weight or I could make some changes. So the first week I started cutting back on portion sizes and paying attention to what and when I was eating. I lost 2 pounds that week. This past week, I went to the store, bought mostly fresh vegetables and fruits. When I got home, I went ahead and portioned all the food into containers. I also sat down and planned my meals. This week, I lost 4.5 pounds. 

What frustrates me the most is that when I eat healthy, I feel better. So much better that you would think that I would want to keep doing it. I like healthy foods too, I love vegetables of all kinds. The difference in my energy level when I eat healthy is amazingly different. When I exercise, I also notice a difference in my pain level and the fact that I can go a little longer before having to stop. So I feel better when I eat healthy and exercise. But I still grab junk food. It's crazy, I know. 

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  1. Gina, I feel your pain. I am also at the highest weight I have ever been in my whole life. I need to get on track and take over my life!! I have so many aches and pains due to this weight. I have lost before with Nutri Systems, and I probably have 3-4 weeks worth of it yet. Do ya think I can start it again?? I just love to eat. It is a vicious circle!! Good luck to you!!!


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