Friday, February 14, 2014

Food Basket

This is my Bountiful Basket from the weekend. I love that I get these baskets on Saturdays. Since I plan our meals for the week on Sundays, it is easier to make sure nothing gets forgotten. I also picked up a basket for my in-laws and when I dropped it off they were excited about everything except the asparagus. Score for me, I got an extra bunch! I can't say enough good things about my in-laws, but it dawned on me as I was putting my produce away here at the house, I know I have brought asparagus to their house before for some family dinner, I will have to remember that one. 

So on my menu this week from the basket will be: 
broccoli, chopped for salads
steamed broccoli for a side dish, 
zucchini stir fried with some onions and some was frozen for later, 
blackberries for blackberry pie filling ( I bought a case of them )
cucumbers for salads and snacking,
lettuce for salads, on burgers and sandwiches,
steamed asparagus (TWICE!)
leeks for soup and to dehydrate for later,
lots of fruit for snacking!

Have a great weekend!

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