Monday, August 19, 2013

Garden Update

I thought I would give you a little update of my gardening attempts. We have been lucky enough to get a lot of  rain this summer so everything is  growing pretty lush.  The flip side of that though is that not a lot of my stuff has had enough sun to ripen very much. The pictures above and below show the raised bed that Kip built me for  my birthday and the fencing that my Dad added to act as a trellis for the beans and cucumbers. 

I have tomatoes in the front of the box and they are growing very well. Actually, I don't think I have ever had such big plants. I have had to re-stake these because the stakes that I had used for the past couple of years couldn't support the plants. They were just falling over almost as soon as I would stake them.  The new ones are much longer and I used some ties to anchor them better. 

These are a small cherry tomato and the first ones are just starting to ripen.

 My cucumber plants  are still blooming.  I love the little yellow  blossoms. 

A new cucumber, just starting to grow. It is a little less than an inch long here.

I love having my morning coffee sitting outside on the back patio looking out over my garden and yard. Even though we live in a neighborhood off of a main street, the backyard is still pretty peaceful. I love watching all the birds that visit, the bees and the butterflies too.  I can't name all the birds that come by, but I do recognize that I have several different kinds. After visiting with my grandparents a couple of weeks ago, and sitting on their porch watching all the birds that come to their bird feeders, I decided to set up an area in my yard too.  

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  1. Well, everything is looking good, even after to much rain. Watching the birds at the feeders is so peaceful. I hope next years growing season will be much better. I know you are enjoying those cucumbers.
    Your Dad wrote this and I hope it post, I'm using the new Anonymous button.


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