Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pickled Asparagus

I absolutely love pickled asparagus. A friend had me over for lunch a few years ago and she served some with lunch. I was hooked with that first bite. When I went to find my own jars, I found out how expensive and tiny those little jars could be. When I started canning again last year, I looked for recipes to can my own. Fortunately I was able to find one. I had already missed the season where the asparagus was at it's cheapest, so I made a small batch last year. I only pulled it out for special occasions! 

This year I was watching the asparagus every week when I went to the store and as soon as it went on sale below a dollar a bunch, I bought quite a bit of it.  We really liked the Taste of Home recipe that I used last year so I made that again. I made enough this year that I don't have to hide it as much as I did last year!

I was very happy when I went to visit my Mom a couple of weeks ago. My parents are canners too but they use mostly pints and quart jars. Mom picks up jars all the time at yard sales and I told her to be on the lookout for jelly jars for me. She went to a sale and found a dozen Ball half pint jars and then another dozen of these Ball pint and a half jars. These are the jars that I really like to use for the asparagus so I was very happy when she shared her find.

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