Thursday, January 5, 2012

Planning Meals

I have gotten back on track planning my meals. I could tell a big difference at the grocery store too! Everything I needed was on my list and that is all I put in my cart. I takes me a little while to actually get everything planned and down on paper, but it really makes up for it during the week. I try and pack my lunches the night before so that I am not tempted to drive through a fast food place. I purchased some Easy Lunchboxes and those are working out for me, as I put away the leftovers from dinner I go ahead and pack the next day's lunches.

 As far as the planning goes, I just typed up a sheet and then labeled it with each of the days. The photo above is our "info central" board. The organizer is from Thirtyone and I like that it has so many pockets on it. I try and keep everything in that central location. The paper beside the pens is my meal planning sheet inside a clear pocket. My extra sheets are in there too. When I sit down to plan the following week, I will check to see if there is anything that didn't get made that week and I put it at the beginning of the next week because I have already purchased the ingredients. Sometimes meals get skipped because we will do a leftover night if there are more leftovers than we can eat for lunch or if Kip is working late (and my dinner is popcorn or leftovers). I will also keep the older ones for a while for those times I am in a rut and can't think of anything new. 

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