Saturday, July 9, 2011

I survived

I survived my nine days out of town with my parents. Ever since I have been home I have been zapped for energy so I haven't been online as much. I had a plan for going out of town and for the most part I stuck with it. I did make it to the Y while I was there. I did eat out a little more that I had planned but I feel that I made great choices for those meals. I looked up nutritional information before we went to the restaurant and made my choices even before we got there. So even though I was out of my routine I still lost a little over a pound that week.

Another reason that I haven't been online much is because I have really upped my exercise time. I feel my body getting stronger and am finally to the point that I feel better after a long workout and I look forward to working out. I am tired of being fat and know that the more calories I burn the faster I can leave those pounds behind. I have finished my first month of the exercise plan at the Y and have an appointment with a trainer to get my second month's workout.

Kip and I decided to get a grill. We haven't had a working grill since we got married so this is an entirely different was of cooking for us. We are having a lot of fun. I am going to working on grilling a pizza in the near future.

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