Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Number!

I had a great loss this week. I have been working out very hard the past couple of weeks and the scale has been moving down, just not very fast. I am happy every time the scale moves downward, not matter how small that movement is. But this morning when I weighed in I had lost 2.2 pounds this week. Most of my weeks are between 1 and 1.8, I have such a hard time getting all the way to 2.0 and to go beyond that really made my day.

I have been participating in the 3N1 program at my local YMCA. It is a three month program. You meet with a trainer and they set up a workout for you, at the end of 30 days you meet again for another session and discuss new goals and additional workouts. I have finished my first thirty days and have an appointment this morning for the next month's workouts. Originally Kip and I had discussed the fact that I wanted to join a gym, but I had planned to do that at 50 pounds lost. I was walking on the treadmill almost every day here at home and having some success but knew if I could vary the exercise and add in some strength training that I could get to my goal sooner. I was feeling stronger and decided to join the Y after about 28 pounds. It was hard to go in that first day. There are many days that I am the biggest person in there. I know six months ago I would have let that stop me from going. I also know that one of the reasons that I wanted to wait until I had lost 50 pounds was so that I would be a more acceptable size (for me) to be working out in a gym. Almost as if I deserved it if I could get to that goal on my own. Not only is my body changing but I am having to change my way of thinking. That's a hard one to do. I think it is so odd that I felt that I would be judged by the "skinny people" because I was so big and working out. But I was the one judging them, judging them that they would be critical of me. Not to mention the fact that I don't know where any of those people started their journey. Maybe they were large too and all that exercise had turned them into the "skinny people" that I was afraid of and judging. Mind shift. Huge mind shift going on right now in my head.

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