Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beyond Day 30

We finished the 30 day challenge with some good success. Kip lost around 30 pounds and I lost 14.6. As we continue on our healthy journey, I am going to continue using some of the meal plans and recipes from the 30 day plan. It was an interesting month and I think I learned a lot.

The number one, hands down top thing that I have learned is that planning is essential. The only thing that matters more is our personal motivation. As long as we planned what what we are going to eat, planned when we were going to the store. and planned the time to pack our lunches and snacks then we were very successful. The first week or so, that process seemed to take forever. As we moved through the month though, it did get much easier and became more of a habit. I do most all of the food planning and prep in our house, because it works best for us in our house. Kip does help though and while I am cooking breakfast, he is usually pulling out food that has been prepped and then helping get lunches and snacks together. 

Another think that is important has been making sure that we do eat those snacks, at planned times about halfway between meals. Our favorite snack? Vanilla yogurt with some fruit; raspberries and strawberries for Kip. Sometimes we sprinkle a little granola on top, but it is delicious! We also learned more about healthy portion sizes.

Stay tuned and I will try to update more often!

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