Monday, July 22, 2013

More Peaches!

This is my second round of peached for this year. Last month I got a box of peaches and made all my jams, preserves and other things. The go-round, I bought two boxes of peaches to can as just slices and halves. Most of them are slices, but probably about a quarter of them are halves. The quart jars will probably be made into cobblers and pies with the pints will probably be eaten pretty much straight from the jar. I eat fruit with breakfast almost every day and some of these peaches on some oatmeal and a bit of brown sugar make a great breakfast. 

I got a phone call a couple of weekends ago from a couple of friends that were out looking for yard sales. One of my neighbors was having an estate sale and they were letting me know that they were parked in my driveway. I was kind of still in bed and asked her if she found canning supplies to let me know and I would run over there. After they were done shopping they let me know there were no canning jars and we visited for a while. My friend Linda asked what can of canning supplies I was looking for and I let her know that I was always on the lookout for jars. Linda loves going treasure hunting! A few days later I get another phone call from Linda letting me know that she was sitting in my driveway with a surprise. She had three reusable shopping bags stuffed with canning jars! She said that she hoped the wide mouth ones were okay because all the big jars were wide mouths. Perfect timing for my peaches! I love the wide mouths, but a lot of the stores around here haven't carried anything but wide mouth pints until this year and the wide mouth ones almost never go on sale. I was very happy to get those jars and the timing was perfect for me to can my peaches.

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