Thursday, October 7, 2010

Choosing to Change

I had kind of gotten away for my healthy eating plan for a few weeks but am doing better now. I had lost 30 lbs, but then I gained back 5 so I am at 25 lbs now. There have been a few hurdles to overcome but I am hoping that they are getting worked out so that I can keep going. One problem I have had is that a new medication that I am taking has a side effect of making you crave sweets. which is weird for me because my weaknesses tend to be salty things or more savory. Give me chips and a good dip any day over sweets. Until I started taking this medicine. It's like if I don't have something sweet every day, it is all I can think about. So I have been looking for alternatives to  satisfy that without totally blowing my healthy eating plan. Low fat puddings work or making my own trail mix with some nuts, dried cranberries and a few chocolate chips seem to work too. 
Another issue has been the fact that the treadmill got moved and kind of blocked. That will be fixed this weekend. Since I am doing this to get healthy and not just lose weight, I know that I need the exercise. I feel better when I do and the weight comes off easier and faster too. I am still choosing to change what I put in my body and I do feel better.

One thing that has changed is my lunches. Since I have been struggling with high blood pressure issues, I have really been watching my intake of sodium. I used to eat either canned soups or frozen low calorie meals for lunch several times a week and I have stopped that. I also have this weird thing for soup for breakfast in the morning. Just a couple of kinds but we jokingly call those "breakfast soups". I have been making a little extra for dinner or making sure that I have other options that I have cooked or can quickly prepare for lunch. My blood pressure is finally staying in the range it should be.

I am still trying to process the new knowledge that I have gained about my pain issues. I have tried to describe it to Kip and just couldn't get it out how important of a change in my way of thinking this it and how it is a total game changer. The only comparison that I could come up with was Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus. I am talking life changing knowledge. 

And I have a choice here too. I can choose to change my way of thinking or I can continue to believe what is a lie. It's my choice, one that only I can make, but one that has potential to set the tone for the rest of my life. I have always thought I was weak because I had a weakness due to my pain issues. No one made me feel that way but me. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that just because I have a weakness, that the weakness does not have to define me as a weak person. Strong people can have weaknesses. It is what you choose to believe about yourself that decides if you can gain strength through your weakness. Like I said, this is a life changing piece of information for me. More on that later as I process it more.

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